Certified Civil Trial Attorneys

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Certified civil trial attorneys are those whose specialty is civil litigation. These attorneys meet stringent requirements to become certified. They must be in good standing with the New Jersey Bar and have at least five years of experience in the field. Additionally, they must have completed required CLEs and passed a rigorous written exam. Fewer than five percent of New Jersey attorneys are certified.

NJ Certified Civil Trial Attorneys | Blume Forte

What is a Certified Civil Trial Attorney in New Jersey? The New Jersey Supreme Court awards this designation to attorneys who have a high level of experience and skill in civil trials. This is done by requiring that the attorneys meet strict standards set by the Board on Attorney Certification and the Courts. These attorneys are able to offer superior legal guidance for clients.

The Board on Attorney Certification was established in 1980 by the Supreme Court of New Jersey in order to help consumers identify competent attorneys. The certification process requires attorneys to meet specific requirements in four areas of law: personal injury, criminal trial, matrimonial law, and workers’ compensation law.

The certification process helps consumers find attorneys who are highly skilled and experienced. It also allows attorneys to make their experience and knowledge known. The certification is valid for seven years, after which the attorneys must reapply and meet the requirements of recertification. There are currently about 1077 certified civil trial attorneys in New Jersey.

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