Electric Car Chargers UK

The Government has issued a call for public and private sector investment to improve the efficiency of electric car charging in the UK. The move follows a report by an independent think tank which suggested that the government should invest in electric car charging research as a means to kick start the economy and promote future green manufacturing. “Government approved EV charging guidelines and electric car manufacturers of both public and private foundation grants. Funding of the research can be found in the governments own internal economic activity – please do not overlook this,” it added. Click this link

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The report claims that there is scope for electric vehicle manufacturers to provide rebates to those who have electric car chargers in their driveways. It further suggests that the government should encourage more public and private sector investment in electric car charging research and development. A recent study carried out in Reading showed that nearly one in five drivers now use electric vehicle (EV) chargers on a regular basis, mainly to top up their batteries. The study also showed that almost half of all drivers with electric vehicles use off-road electric chargers and almost a quarter of all drivers travel at speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour.

Future governments may even encourage the adoption of electric vehicle technology by allowing tax credits to be paid for purchasing electric car chargers. The report recommends that policy makers look at ways to support the uptake of electric car technology through subsidies. The recommendations are in line with the current government incentive schemes encouraging fuel efficiency – the very same reasons which are being considered by electric car manufacturers as well as electricity suppliers when formulating policies to introduce lower carbon electricity output.